2008-08-23 Essential Mix Live at Creamfields 2008

There’s a special show on Saturday night as the BBC presents some of the best mixes recorded live from Creamfields 2008 – five whole hours of them! Featuring Pete Tong, Sasha, 2 Many DJs, Eric Prydz and Noisia.

Pete Tong http://www.petetong.com/

Sasha http://www.djsasha.com/

2 Many Djs http://www.soulwax.com

Eric Prydz http://www.ericprydz.com/

Noisia http://www.noisia.nl/

No playlists yet

Essential_Mix_2008-08-23_Creamfields_2008_Pete_Tong 58:24

Essential_Mix_2008-08-23_Creamfields_2008_Sasha 57:42

Essential_Mix_2008-08-23_Creamfields_2008_2_Many_Djs 57:41

Essential_Mix_2008-08-23_Creamfields_2008_Eric_Prydz 58:40

Essential_Mix_2008-08-23_Creamfields_2008_Noisia 56:12


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