2008-08-23 Essential Mix Come on Creamfields! 1998

This week’s mix celebrates 10 years of one of the biggest events in the dance calendar, Creamfields.  This 1998 mix features some major DJ heavyweights: Tong, Sasha and Paul Oakenfold.

Pete Tong http://www.petetong.com/

Paul Oakenfold http://www.pauloakenfold.com/

Sasha http://www.djsasha.com/

Creamfields http://www.creamfields.com/



Pete Tong
David Morales Presents The Face – “Needing U” (White Label)
Stardust – “Music Sounds Better With You” (Roule)
Richard F – “Good Love” (Subliminal)
Pianoheadz – “Distorition” (Subliminal)
BLD – “Untitled” (White Label)
El Magnifico – “Tha Nu Style” (White Label)
Jungle Brothers – “I’ll House U” (ffrr)

Energy 52 – “Cafe Del Mar ’98” (Hooj Choons)
Morgan King – “I’m Free” (White Label)
Artist Unknown – “Untitled” (Steel Yard)
Pablo Gargano – “Chemistry Of Soul” (Eve)
Elevate – “Next Life” (Platoon)
Dollshead – “It’s Ove It’s Under” (MCA)
Madonna – “Ray Of Light” (Maverick)

Paul Oakenfold
Westbam Vs Red Jerry – “Wizards Of The Sonic” (White Label)
Transa – “Enervate” (Perfecto)
Man With No Name – “Own The World” (Perfecto Fluro)
Greece 2000 – “3 Drives” (Hooj Choons)
Shrink – “Nervous Breakdown” (Neo)

Essential_Mix_2008-08-23_Pete Tong, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold


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