Essential Mix 2008-07-12 John O’Callaghan

John O’Callaghan


John Askew – Beirut [Discover]
Cirez D – Stockholm Marathon [Mouseville]
Sander van Doorn vs. Marco V – Organic [In Charge]
Maarten de Jong – Mono (J.O.C remix) [Doorn]
Jochen Miller – Lost Connection (Artento Divini remix) [High Contrast]
Axel Karakasis – Sincere [Innervate]
J.O.C – Marshmallow [Doorn]
Mr. Sam vs. Human Resource – Dominator [Black Hole]
Greg Downey – King Dong [Discover Dark]
J.O.C – Rotterdam (Bryan Kearney remix) [Doorn]
Artento Divini – Reflex (Jochen Miller remix) [Doorn]
Kimito Lopez – Melkweg [Intuition]
Blank & Jones – Miracle Cure (Martin Roth remix) [Soundcolors]
Marc Marberg with Kyau vs. Albert – Neo Love [Euphonic]
A. Paul – Offline [Impact Mechanics]
Mandy Reid – Century [Spinnin]
John Askew – Z List Uber Star [Discover]
Timmy & Tommy – Full Tiltin’ (Joint Operations Centre remix) [Full Tilt Recordings]
Underworld – Cowgirl (Joint Operations Centre remix) [CDR]
Activa – End of Summer [Discover]
The Thrillseekers – The Last Time [Adjusted]
Thomas Bronzwaer – Certitude [CDR]
Mansun – Wide Open Space (Greg Downey remix) [CDR]
Dazzle – Chaos Theory [Armada]
Giuseppe Ottaviani & John O’Callaghan – Our Dimension [Vandit]
Bryan Kearney – You Will Never Be Forgotten (Activa Remix) [Discover]
Danny Powers – Eternal Call [Nu Depth Recordings]
Giuseppe Ottaviani – No More Alone (John O’Callaghan remix) [Vandit]
Temple 1 – Aurora [Enhanced]
Aitor Ronda – Bolaian (Reaky remix) [Drakos]
D-Unity – New Beginnings [Armada]
Miss Melody – Ibiza [Selecta]
Sia – The Girl You Lost… (John O’Callaghan Analog Tech rework) [Doorn]
Cosmic Gate – Should Have Known (Wippenberg remix) (John O’Callaghan rework) [Black Hole]
Mojado – Kaktus (John O’Callaghan Twilight edit) [Black Hole]
Joint Operations Centre – New Jersey [Armada]
Woody van Eyden – B.O.B (No Break edit) [Fenology]
John Gibbons & Scimon Tist – Maktub [Club Educate]
Paul Webster – Problems (Tribal mix) [Fraction]
Barry Connell – Frizzbomb (Paul Webster remix) [Goodgreef]
John O’Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher – Big Sky (Joint Operations Centre Deconstruction) [Armind]


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